Yarn Calculator for Crochet


How much yarn do I need? I crochet as a hobby, my son made me this calculator to help me plan my projects. Feel free to download it and use it. Download the file by clicking this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hG017V4XaeHHm7q_mmxInMvsZjUBUBwAp4nBkp0L1Tw/edit?usp=sharing Then you can email it, copy it to your google drive or download by clicking "File"… Continue reading Yarn Calculator for Crochet

Alpacas and Wildflowers

Alpacas with the Bride

I was so excited to take part in this styled shoot with Mattie of Mattie Taylor Photography because her vision sounded perfect and she said there would be alpacas!  She did a wonderful job with her team, and the models are simply beautiful. My Wildflower Collection is designed with the bohemian bride in mind.  These are… Continue reading Alpacas and Wildflowers

Romantic Joshua Tree Wedding

California photographer Alana Bishop of Alana Marie Photography, styled this gorgeous elopement in Joshua Tree. These silk flowers are from my Boho Romance Collection.   Artificial flowers in soft tones of peach, pink and white, with succulents and grey/silver greenery.  Silk flowers are the perfect wedding choice for easy care, stress free and keepsake flowers.  … Continue reading Romantic Joshua Tree Wedding

The Gothic Bohemian Bride

Silk Bridal Bouquet

I want to share these photos from a styled shoot from December.   It took place in Long Beach, California at an old cemetery in the fall.   The models are married and were so adorable together. It was inspiring to see Denise, the stylist and photographer, create her unique style in these photos. I was so excited… Continue reading The Gothic Bohemian Bride

Grow Where You are Planted

Red Tulips

I have moved a lot.  A lot.  I grew up in Washington state, then headed to California and back again.  I moved to Colorado Springs, and Boston.  I have moved across the country twice, and moved to Los Angeles four times.  Scouted Portland, Connecticut and New York too. I saw the quote "grow where you… Continue reading Grow Where You are Planted

How to Pin On a Boutonniere

I specialize in dried and silk flower boutonnieres for weddings and prom.  They are long lasting, make a great keepsake, and are very light... making them easy to pin on.  Here is a tutorial on how I like to attach them. Place the boutonniere on the left side of the jacket.  I like to center it… Continue reading How to Pin On a Boutonniere

2 Ways to Tie a Wrist Corsage

rustic wrist corsage with twine

Dried and silk wrist corsages are a great long lasting keepsake for prom, a wedding, or an accessory.  All of my corsages can be used both for pin on or tied to the wrist. My wrist corsages are tied with ribbon.  You can tie the ribbon with a bow or a knot at the bottom of your… Continue reading 2 Ways to Tie a Wrist Corsage