How To Make a Bloody Candle for Halloween

Have some bloody good fun and dress up a candle with blood.   Great for a Halloween display or for your vampire gothic decor.

How to Make a Bloody Candle

Start with a red colored candle, any container candle with red wax will work.  You can get this red candle in my shop.

Get some fake blood.   You can usually find fake blood from a costume shop or get it online.  If you can’t find fake blood, you can make you own (lots of tutorials online), use ketchup,  or melt some of the candle wax and pour it over the edge.

Protect your surface. The dye in the blood will stain.  I laid a piece of glass from a picture frame down over this wood table.

Drip some of the blood on the edge of the candle. I used a q-tip to apply the blood.  I like to let it drip naturally from the top of the container.  Then I added more to the table to create a pool of blood.

drip blood on the candle

Clean any blood off the wax, it might clog the wick.  And light.

Bloody Candle for Halloween


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